3 Solutions for Your Engagement Session location

3 Solutions for Your Engagement Session Location

Do you need solutions for your engagement session location?  Being engaged is such an exciting time for you both! You’ve found the peanut butter to your jelly and you can’t wait to announce it to the world and share your excitement!  Before you know it you’ll be wrapped up in the process 0f planning your wedding day. Take this time to celebrate who you are right now by personalizing your engagement session.  Here are 3 solutions to choose an engagement session location:

Solution # 1: Exclusivity

Use your exclusive access to a cool location and your photos will be one-of-a-kind.Have a friend or family member that can get you special access to a rooftop in the city? How about a family ranch?   A gorgeous gated community? An airport runway? The sky is the limit! Think of your connections and reach out to them, you may end up with a location that is more than you ever dreamed possible.

couple kissing with skyscrapers in backgroundcouple walks holding hands in front of vintage airplane

Solution #2: Coordinate or Counter.

Keep your wedding location in mind and either match it to create a cohesive look or choose the complete opposite for variety. Are you getting married with the backdrop of a desert mountain? Have your session in the desert to coordinate or do the reverse by heading downtown with a background of glass, metal, and concrete.  Will your wedding day be at an elegant tuscan venue? You can compliment the feel by having your session at Tlaquepaque in Sedona or counter the elegance with your engagement session in the woods or near a lake. If you’re having a country club wedding, why not duplicate that ambience with a manicured park or contradict it with the raw beauty of the Grand Canyon?

couple kisses under sign of their family farm couple holds hand in front of a rusted metal barn couple snuggles along old farm fencecouple dances in front of italian villa archway couple looks at each other during elegant wedding ceremony couple dips and kisses in front of italian arch way

Solution #3: Favorite Pastime.

Have fun and include a favorite pastime or location that you and your fiance share. Do you have a favorite sport?  You can incorporate that by wearing customized jerseys of your wedding date or choose a location with the stadium as the backdrop.  Do you both spend nights together playing a video game? Let’s head to an arcade for a fun and neon themed session. If you have pets, include these special members of your family!

engaged couple holds baseball with wedding date couples kisses during engagement photo at an arcade couple looking at stadium with their wedding date on custom jerseycouple kisses while man holds a red electric guitar

We hope we were able to combat your overwhelm over finding an engagement session location. If you are still having a hard time deciding on a location for your engagement session just remember that we are here to help!  We can help you sort through your options and find the best locations to highlight your love.



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